Sparkling Eyes -- By Joseph J. Mazzella

I got a new picture of my sponsor child Lizther in the mail today. I was amazed at how different she seemed now. It looked like she had grown up overnight. I went and took her older pictures of her younger days and placed them side by side with the new photo. There was no doubt about it. The little child I had started sponsoring through Children International several years ago had grown into a lovely, young lady.

I went into my bedroom and pulled out my scrapbook full of her letters and drawings. It was incredible seeing her grow up in them too. With each one I saw her becoming better and more beautiful both inside and out. This once scared little girl, living in poverty, was now a wise, wonderful teenager determined to finish school, start a career, and help her family. I have no doubt either that she is going to bless this world with her life.

Smiling I put the scrapbook down and looked once again at her pictures over the years. Year by year the sparkle of light and joy in her eyes seemed to grow a little brighter. It made me happy thinking that my support, encouragement, and letters over the years might have had some small part in nurturing that light.

Any day that you can add to the sparkle of love and joy in other’s eyes is a day well lived. Anything that you can do to increase the light that shines in another’s soul is worth doing. God put us here to spread His light, to share our own, and to help everyone we meet to shine a little brighter as well. Do all you can then to bring a little laughter, a little light, a little help, and a little happiness to another’s day. Do all you can to bless this world with your talents and with your love. Do all you can to live your life so that even the eyes of those watching over you from Heaven sparkle with joy.

By: Joseph J. Mazzella