Miracles Within Miracles, Part 2: Standing Tall on a Crumbling Wall -- By Suresh Manoharan

Continuing with the series on "Miracles' within miracles" today, we come into yet another "silent" miracle occurring alongside a "loud" one…


If Goshen without a wall was safe in God's hands, then the city of Jericho despite a robust wall around it was hapless before the marauding Joshua's army (Numbers 14:9), which brings us to the Rahab story …to ponder awhile on yet another miracle, not often talked about. Frankly, the Rahab's daring faith and her subsequent rescue and rehabilitation story (Joshua 2 and 6) never ceases to surprise the Biblical scholars. The more one digs into that, more are the insights representing a rare treasure, waiting to be revealed.

So as the Jericho wall miraculously fell (Joshua 6:20), where was Rahab? Since she knew going outside her house at the time of conquest would be a breach of the covenant, she had entered into with the spies (Joshua 2:17-21), she with her relatives shepherded into the safety of the house were ensconced therein. Oh yes, there was a scarlet robe tied to the window, hanging outside. At this moment, we can well imagine she with all her relatives waiting with bated breath for the Jericho wall to collapse or be breached with battering rams and the city to be conquered. In case, we have forgotten, where was her house? ON THE WALL!!! Look once again, at her amazing faith. Stretching our imagination a bit, we can well visualize her relatives whispering into her ears, the danger of remaining inside a house with a shaky foundation, but Praise God for her unshakable faith at that time, even as she held fast to her oath of staying put inside her house. By faith she knew that while the entire wall or a section of it surrounding the Jericho city would collapse, that portion of it on which her house rested wouldn't. That's exactly what happened. Even as that of others like Jericho wall itself collapsed like a pack of cards, her house as though in the safety of His palm, remained untouched by the rumble all around! Hallelujah!

If felling of Jericho wall, again not a finger of His people needed to be raised, was a mighty miracle, then that of Rahab's house standing tall amidst ruins was the very definition of a miracle within a miracle. There it Stood, symbolic, as it were, of her unshakeable faith, even as that of her city dwellers very much like their relationship with the Lord lay in ruins.

Even as we praise God on reading the account of a crumbled Jericho wall, let's not forget to praise Him for Rahab's house, which stood tall amidst ruins!

Prayer: Father, we praise Thee for "silent" miracles within the "thundering ones". For preservation of Your dear ones' amidst devastation. In Jesus' Name. Amen

Please join us next Tuesday for MIRACLES WITHIN MIRACLES, Part 3.

Suresh Manoharan


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