"Be still, and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10)

The hike up through Stagecoach Trail was worth it. We were rewarded with a spectacular at over ten thousand feet. Still, we weren’t above the timberline. ‘Older than dirt’ towering pines and spruces dotted the landscape. A little ways beyond, a symphony of rushing waters beckoned us.

The Cascades water flowed down so dramatically. It pooled, poured out. Pooled, poured out.

We all pour out in one way or another. We give of ourselves at home, at work, in our churches, communities, everywhere we are we give or ourselves. Could be something big or could be something as seemingly insignificant as a smile.

We each have a sphere of influence whether we are aware of it or not. God plants us precisely where He wants us, for our good ad for the greater good of others. He always intends to bless us and at the same time there is always a bigger picture.

Just as in the natural, where the waterfall pooled and poured out, so do we need to ‘pool’ in order to pour out. We can run on our steam for awhile and then – we need time alone with God to refill.

We can’t run on empty, although I have to admit I get caught up in things and then find that I am actually trying to do that very thing. It just doesn’t work. We are designed for pooling and pouring, then pooling and then pouring. ‘

Thank you, Lord, that when we are ‘still’ with you, we are refilled and renewed for pouring again, 
in Jesus’ name

inspirational messages by 
Sally I. Kennedy
Sally I. Kennedy, ©2011