"Seek peace and pursue it." (1 Peter 3:11b, Psalm 34:14b)

A commentary I once read said that resentment comes from a Latin word, resentir, meaning to feel over and over again. Resentment can be repeatedly re-experiencing unforgiven resentments.

Along these lines, shoes of peace are part of the essential ‘armor of God’ that St. Paul tells us to put on each day (Ephesians 6). So what are shoes of peace?

The Bible tells us that peace is a person. Jesus. For he himself is our peace. The Bible also says to seek peace and pursue it, not just wait around until it might happen to show up. (1Peter 3)

Martin Luther King, Jr., is credited with saying, “The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind.” So I guess the bottom line is, I am to be assertive about forgiveness, whether I have something against somebody else, or someone has something against me. Forgiveness keeps the door open, instead of slamming it shut.

Prayer: Lord, today help me, through the power of Holy Spirit, to seek peace and, in fact, to pursue it. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Sally I. Kennedy