Stand-out Rose -- By Sally I. Kennedy

On the side of our house, my husband has a small rose garden. He plants, prunes, fertilizes, and sprays the bushes. We so enjoy the beauty of the blooms, as well as their wonderful fragrance.

A few months ago, he set 2 or 3 of the rose bushes, still in plastic pots, aside. They were nearly dead and he planned to throw them away, but he forgot. So they stayed there, and they became overgrown with tall grass and weeds.

Today when I opened the shutters, I immediately noticed this tiny rose bud outside the window. It stood out because of the bright color, in contrast to the dark shades of green all around it. The stem was about a foot high, and the little flower a beautiful pinkish-orange hue.

There it was, rising out of the midst of the stubble and weeds. It's amazing what God can grow out of an overgrown cast-off pot. HE is the One who can grow something beautiful out of anything, and in everyone. In fact, He is just waiting for the chance for us to let Him.

That's good news!
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