Last week, in Written on the Heart, Part 1, we saw that we are called to take a spiritual walk that may lead us into danger, and we must be prepared, as the Train Driver is, on every journey. But how do we become "prepared"?

When my Father spoke, I listened and now, even after many years, I can still hear his voice. Its texture and timbre are imprinted on my mind and heart and, if ever I should hear it I would recognise it instantly. It had a significance to me that nothing else has matched and naturally, I long to hear it again. In harmony with my Father's voice was my Mother's and I can still hear her prayers at night as she taught me by example to talk to God.

I have only sparse recall of most other actual voices in my life so what I have learned is that the first voice of authority gives shape and direction to life.

Our world, the space it occupies and everything in it was greeted with the voice of the Father. Even in the very first chapter of Scripture, the words of God speaking aloud fill sixteen of the thirty-one verses. Isn't that amazing? In all those vast processes, a spoken word explains and validates what is done. It is essential to have a sense of value and direction from the beginning of life and not be left to chance in the hope we will find it somewhere down the track.

"And God said" begins many a verse, or "he called" at the beginning of the verse in order to define events and make them valid. His voice is not insipid and open to question, it is exciting and precise. It has a profound effect on nature and on the creatures he created. He spoke in turn to the living creatures and his first words to living creatures of the ocean and the air were words of blessing. Then he called forth the living creatures of the earth and placed all creatures under the jurisdiction of the man "made in his image." (Gen 1:26)

When He calls Adam and Eve into life, He does not silently walk away, to let nature take its course or to let them develop as they will. He does not leave them to chance, He talks to them as my Father and Mother talked to me.

Again, His first words to them are words of blessing and then He outlays his purpose and direction for their lives so that they need never doubt their position or question their reason for being. Those first words were imprinted on their minds and hearts for all time.

I like a God who talks to us. I particularly like it when He comes talking and I yearn for Him to talk to me, too. And He said, "Me too!" ... "The Word was God" and "the Word was made flesh and dwelt amoung us." (John 1:1, 14). May I hear and remember his very first words because He came walking and talking to us as He did at the beginning. He is the Word, the "Me too" of God.

Elizabeth Price

Please join us next week, for Written on the Heart, Part 3 for some insight on how God’s Word actually speaks to us.

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