Last week, in Written on the Heart, Part 2, we learned that it is through God’s Word that He walks and talks to us. We can’t take our spiritual walk seriously without it. But just how does God’s Word do that? How does it speak to us?

The Train Driver described the journey he takes on a steep and potentially dangerous track from beyond the mountains down to the coastal terminal.

Undulating dairy country rolled away.

He said quietly, "Undulating dairy country rolled away to the horizon and every now and then, the driver regulated the speed on the varying up and down grades."

He tested his air brakes on the downhill grades to ensure safety on the steep decline he would face further along the track.

As the train topped the mountain range it was as though a scenic window flew open. The mists and fogs rose silently from the deep valleys to welcome a golden sun rising from the distant ocean.

The peace was shattered with a radio message giving the all-clear that the stoppage area of the grade ahead was safe to travel.

As the track wound its way through cuttings and gorges, the driver concentrated on the speed and grades on his train. Reaching the point of no return from a steeply descending grade, the driver brings his train to a stand in order to conduct the final holding test on his brakes. This test would tell the driver that his train is safe for the steep descent ahead.

The driver pauses, waiting for the air to build up and the brakes to release. He looks out the window at a quiet stream of clear mountain water running beside the train track. It reminds him of Elijah when God led him to a quiet place where there was clean water and ravens to bring him food.

The Driver went on to say that Elijah knew he was there for a purpose. Just so, the Driver knew he was brought to this place for a purpose. He was at peace like Elijah when he was led to a quiet mountain stream to dwell for a time, and just as Jesus was when "he departed into a mountain apart to pray." (Mark 6:46).

And so the Driver, with a feeling that both Elijah and Jesus nodded their unspoken approval, said a silent prayer there by the mountain stream for the dangerous descent ahead.

Perhaps we should ask ourselves if we have followed the track provided by God through Scripture and paused to find peace in the quiet places he has provided.

Elizabeth Price

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