Jesus, my love, Life of life.

How our love intertwines! You are my breath. Let me only breathe for You! Oh Breath of my breath!

Draw me close to You! Kiss me, Oh Lord, that I may be taken with Your love! Rapture me away with the intimacy of Your passion. Let Your love transcend this Earth- let it all fade away!

That I may be alone with You... To hold You as my own, and me as Yours.

Let my faith be sight! To see the beauty of Your face! For the dim glass of present to be shattered! And eternity consummate us as one. You in me and I in you. Shatter the dim glass! How much longer must I wait for You, my Love? Let me diffuse from time into boundless infinity... Where I shall no longer be bound by flesh and sin- but shall be overcome with the waves of Your glory and love.

I am overcome and anxious with desire! How can I wait? Strengthen me! For my heart is faint! How I need Your touch. The embrace of Your arms that interlock with my spirit and bond with my heart.

To just touch You. Oh my God! To behold You in glory and embrace You in entirety.

There is a river I must ford. Lord hasten the journey, yet strengthen me for the wait. Until I cross the Jordan deep and kiss You while forever twain from sin.

By: Antonio Miguel Perez