He was new to the staff of the company and was asked to deliver a sealed message to the Director. Unknown the new member, the message asked the Director to give the new man life membership.

“You will have to knock at the door,” he was told by his senior officer, “and you must say very clearly that you have come in Josh’s name. If you don’t, they will not receive the message.”

‘I never met Josh in person and he has been gone a long time,’ scoffed the new member. ‘I will deliver it in my own name and say I am a former employer of the Ring of 

Steel Empire. It is a company with millions of members and the Director will be impressed.’

The officer spoke quietly. “Josh,” he said, “was a Director of the company. He saw that members were ruining the company name and if something were not done, they would have lost every member. So Josh became an ordinary working members, he went right to the bottom of the ladder to work and live beside them all.”
The new staff member frowned. ‘Then it is time we brought things up to date,’ he said. “Josh doesn’t live here now so we should let everyone work in his own name.”

“It won’t work. Please tell the Director you have come in Josh’s name,” pleaded the officer.

But the new member was angry at the company’s old fashioned ideas. He went to the Director’s door, he knocked and called out, “I have a message for you.”

The door remained shut. ‘Who are you?” a voice asked. 

“I am a new staff member and a former employer of the Ring of Steel Empire,” he answered. “I have a message for the Director.”

“Have you come in Josh’s name?” asked the voice.

“No, times have changed. I told you, I am a former employer of the Ring of Steel Empire,” he called out.

The door remained shut. “If you have not come in Josh’s name, we do not receive you,” a voice said. “Haven’t you been told 'there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved'” (Acts 4:12)?
(Jehoshua is Hebrew for Jesus)

Elizabeth Price