"I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands"
(Isaiah 49:15b-16)

When neighbors moved into a nearby home, they were in their backyard all the time. Barbecues, parties, just hanging out. Now, a year later, they are seldom outside. The fun and thrill of the new tropical patio has become 'old hat.'

For us, places, things, jobs, toys, even people and relationships can become routine and lose their sparkle. Sometimes we want something new altogether, more interesting, more exciting.
Some good news is simple, but true, and that is we never become old hat to God.

His thoughts are ever towards us. He cares for us constantly, and continually. We are ever on His mind and in His thoughts, our names are even written on His palms so He will be sure to not forget!

Great, enduring, lasting is His love for us. We are not and never will be old hat to our heavenly Father.

That is for sure good news today.

Inspirational Messages,
Sally I. Kennedy 2013