"I will not neglect your word. I will..not forget your word. I have put my hope in your word. Your word, O LORD, is eternal. Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path."
(Psalm 119: 16, 81, 89, 105)

Sunlight filtered through the aging pines. Shadows made by scrub palmettos and rustling branches were intriguing to watch as they shifted. My sister and I kept wandering on.

We had been told at the desk there was a path, but my sister nor I ever saw it. No problem, we thought it would be easy to get back to the parking area and weren't too concerned about locating the path. Those beautiful woods, however, turned into a scary place to be when we were ready to leave and could not determine which way was out.

I have heard the Bible described as a map for life, filled with direction, guidance, and lifesaving messages. I thought of this when we were confused and needing wisdom in those woods and wishing we'd done a Hansel and Gretel thing with breadcrumbs or something.

Today it's a reminder to me, and so true...the Word of God really is the total map for life. That's good news.

Inspirational Messages, Sally I. Kennedy ©2015