Should we not give ourselves,
that which we would not fail
to feel for another?
Willingness to suffer,

So sit with your sorrowing self.
Hold your own shaking hand.
Feel the strength that you
can impart, from one palm
to the other.
Lift yourself,
strong again.

We were all born
sensitive, and vulnerable.
Though we may profess
we still need the gift of
of a non-judgemental self,
to serve as our sturdy backbone.

So let yourself be honest.
Sit in the midst of pain.
Listen as you might to a friend
to what your heart
is not saying;
but might, if it had the courage,
to follow its unraveling.

You are strong.
Though born in weakness,
and dependence,
your will to survive
whatever you were thrown,
was ingrained.
You are still the same.

Though we may feel alone,
in our deepest selves,
we need not be there unassisted;
and without the grace;
which self-compassion,
in its hope and love,
will always give us.

So trust yourself.
Encourage the foot which
stumbles behind.
Your sensitive heart in
its softness, and strength;
is the re-builder,
of all that is broken.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
February 2016