"Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ." (1 Corinthians 11:1)

The birthing of a mother’s heart is ordained to be a heart of love, compassion and tenderness. In this heart and its many chambers host the residence of memories that are created at present , etched for future and reminisced for generations.  With Mother’s day being upon us and the world celebrating mums, I believe every mum should take stock of motherhood and the enhancement of adding value to the lives of those entrusted to them.

Children are the prodigy of a household and Paul could not have said it better when he said , Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ . I t is phenomenal to understand that motherhood is a concept beyond childbearing and moves into the dimensional concept of child rearing . The investment into a child’s life is the deposit of a foundation that will either stand or crumble.

The canvas of a young life is clear of colour, imagination or even destination. Yet the paintbrush of guidance lies in the words and actions of a mum . Some may add that dads are also part of the art lesson of life but yet I believe that it has always been mums that spend a larger part of their time with the kids.  Even mums that have professions, have a constant thought on home and family.

The final painting may not even be seen by many mums but be sure to also know that in it would be the evidence of things you have hoped for, and it would present a canvas of life filled with love, compassion and tenderness.  Mums should delight in the lives of their kids, moreover take an active role in it.  Don’t let the philosophy of modern paradigms confuse you into believing that you need to be your child’s friend in order to be a good parent.  Oh no, if God intended so, he would of left you with the title ‘friend’ rather than ‘mum’ or ‘dad’.  Know this, your kids have friends, what they need are mums and dads.  Lead your kids with your lifestyle to the altar of Jesus.  No matter how much you may not want to agree, you are the living example and the only bible they may read.  Dress yourself with holiness and walk down the road of heaven and you would soon find them following.

I want to encourage everyone of you reading this article to have a good look at your children using the eyes of Christ and you will surely see them as God intended.  Slower the pace all around you, laugh freely, create a new tradition where your kids are the start of something rather than just following through. Have fun as a family.  Laugh so hard it makes you cry.  Let the paradox of life be the reason for bonding.

Let me tell you that according to your children, everyone else’s mum is cooler or more understanding or even more fun.  The reassurance of that is one day your children too will be parents.  What they don’t understand about you now, one day will thank you for.

I have 3 girls and in each of them, I see their uniqueness.  In my niece, I see the GRACE of God. In my older daughter, I see the BLESSINGS of God and in my little one, I see the PROVIDENCE of God. Every descriptive word here reveals to me a season of our lives with this child.

Mothers understand what children did not say and see beyond rebellion.  Mums have silent tears, happy tears, proud tears, sad tears, memory tears, tears for friends, tears for losses, pain tears, wedding tears, funeral tears, birthday tears, tears for the first day of school and tears for even graduation. They have a tear for every occasion. The tears that are shed for her children are the ones that cut through her very heart.  For from whence birth came, lies the future.  Every mother has the potential to bring forth a president, policeman, teacher, doctor, scientist, nurse, veterinarian, astronaut, actor, so forth.  So let motherhood bring joy to your heart and be the inspiration behind the art of your child’s life. Be a mum for all seasons. A canvas of consistency, stability and faith. - Jewish proverb

Prayer Thought: Dear Lord, let me be a mother that you have ordained for me. Help me to guide my children into your perfect love and saving grace. Help me to be a example of Christ in all that I do or say. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


Hazel Moodley