Beautiful World -- By Joseph J. Mazzella

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."  (Ps 19:1 NIV) 


Even though it got off to a late start, Spring this year is more beautiful than I can ever remember it. The trees on the mountainsides are rapidly becoming a thousand shades of green. The fields are a glorious sea of golden Dandelions. Red, white, and yellow Tulips are coming up in a hundred different yards. The Cherry, Apple, and Dogwood trees are full of flowers as well and their blossoms are filling the air with sweetness. Countless butterflies are floating peacefully though the air. Birds are soaring through the brilliant, blue sky and singing songs of love in the tree tops. The sun is blessing the world with its warmth and the rain is bringing new growth and new life everywhere. Every time I go outside I feel my heart filling with love and my soul overflowing with joy at the beauty of this spectacular Spring God has given us.

I think that the reason I am enjoying this wonderful world and this glorious Spring more than ever this year is because I am now seeing more clearly than I ever did before. God’s creation has always been a perfection of beauty greater than any words can describe. The problem has been that I haven’t had the right eyes to see it. As I open myself more to God’s love and joy, however, my eyes are slowly clearing with Heaven’s light. I am seeing through the eyes of my soul and am beholding more and more beauty in this world and in the hearts and souls of those around me.

Don’t let your own eyes remain clouded to this beautiful world around you then. Let God clear them with His love and open them with His joy. See the Earth through the eyes of Heaven. Choose love, share joy, and grow in oneness with God everyday. Help to make the world around you even more beautiful by being the person you always wanted to be. Live your life so that you always see beauty and you always bring beauty. Make the Springtime in your soul last not just for a season but for all eternity.


By: Joseph J. Mazzella