Help Yourself -- By Marion Smith

"I love the house where you live, O Lord, the place where you glory dwells." (Psalm 26 :8)


We were hungry as we made the turn at Pebble Beach golf course, so we stopped for some food. The refreshment cart was located a few yards behind number 9 green, so we grabbed a sandwich and coke. As we waited to tee off on # 10, one of the course marshal’s warned us to protect our food. The seagulls and crows were famous local thieves- snatching food right out of the golf cart, if one wasn’t careful.

Two holes later we thought no more about the food situation, until I saw the seagull stalking our cart. He was walking around it, gazing from all angles.. Then he hopped into the golf cart, ready to grab some food. He found part of an uneaten sandwich, which I thought was quite well hidden, pulled it out of the cart and devoured it. Other birds spotted him feasting and joined him in the meal.

Sometimes, especially when we move to a new town, we are like that seagull. We know there is spiritual food in church, and we begin by sort of stalking around it. We read the marquee week after week and talk to folks who worship there. Finally, we decide to take the jump into a particular church, just as the bird jumped into our golf cart. It is when we partake of what is offered in the House of the Lord that we are blessed. We find spiritual food and nourishment, and that is good. God has said that we are blessed so that we may be a blessing to others. When we share what He has given us through the church, we become that blessing to someone else.

The seagull looked ,jumped in, ate and shared. If you need a local house of worship, I pray you will do the same thing.


Marion Smith