Humbling a Bully -- By Wynona Gordon

Matthew 7:12 Reminds us "Whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do you even so to them".

We've all heard about or known a Bully! - Someone (or something) who is convinced that he/she is stronger, better, etc., than everyone else, someone who often has a huge ego. Then a newcomer comes along, one who doesn't 'understand' the superiority of the Bully and who manages to make that Bully a nicer someone to be around.

Tommy was a huge, white, Tomcat who allowed my parents and I to co-exist with him in our house. He was the neighbourhood stud and was intimidated by almost nothing. He was usually mild tempered around those of us who basked in the sunshine of his existence.

There was one 'fly' in Tommy's "ointment", one that came in the person of Rex. Rex was a small, big-mouthed dog with an even bigger ego that lived next door. Rex would strut around spilling barks here and there, just to let everyone know he was around. He would sit on the No Man's Land between his house and Tommy's and loudly proclaim his disdain for cats in general and Tommy in particular.

I was blessed to be a spectator to Tommy's solution to the problem of Rex. Here was Rex - once again - loudly proclaiming his superiority and Tommy decided to take things into his own hands - pardon me, paws. He took a huge leap with 4 paws and all those considerable claws flung out and he landed right on Rex's back. Rex suddenly deflated. No longer was he telling the world about his disdain for cats but now he was RUNNING for his life and screaming his fear and pain.

Tommy never heard the Golden Rule but then he was just a cat.

Wynona Gordon