"let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." (Matt 5:16 NIV)


It was in a very desolate part of town on a street I had to pass daily on my way back and forth to work. There stood some old dilapidated houses all in a row, paint peeling, graying and seemingly forgotten. There was about five of these homes and they all looked the same except for one. This house stood out among the others because of the lovely flowers growing all over the yard.

Obviously, this yard had been care for and tended by a person who loved beauty and when you looked at the place, you didn't notice the ugliness of the house itself. It was a spectacular floral array, every color in the rainbow, arranged as if God Himself had placed each tiny bud there with His precision! Somehow I knew the person who lived there was blessed.

It got so that I enjoyed my drive to work and soon it became the highlight of my day. It made me smile as I wondered who owned this house but I never saw anyone outside or I might have stopped to pause for awhile and let them know how much I enjoyed admiring their garden.

As the years passed, I drove by one day and the garden was gone. It had fallen to decay lately and now this house looked just like all the others. Apparently, the person who lived there had moved or deceased. To this day I wish I had let them know the joy and the light they had brought into my own life.

Today, I attempt to ensure that I allow others to know how they touch my life and there have been and still are many. We can all make a big difference in the lives of others in so many seemingly small ways. Even an old shack can be a beautiful sight to behold if you brighten it up.

We all have this same light inside of each of us. Don't keep it inside a box. Put it out there where the entire world can see it and be blessed by it!


Sharlett Hunt