Miracles -- By Audrey Mullen

"Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." (Jeremiah 33:3)

As I approached the clubhouse where our preachers & their wives group were having an evening picnic in honor of one of the pastors who was leaving the area, my friend called out to me, “Audrey, how good it is to see you here and walking on your own! You are just a walking miracle. You know that don’t you?” I responded, “A walking Miracle huh? I can live with that! I not only believe in miracles, I am one.”

You see, the day I was born six weeks premature, the attending physician cautioned my Dad to “take the baby into another room tonight so the mother won’t know when she dies. She will never make it until morning.” That physician did not reckon with my praying grandmother who had come to help my parents during the first days of my life. Grandma not only prayed, but she put feet to her prayers by making an improvised incubator out of a man’s shoebox and hot water bottles. That shoebox was my bed for several weeks to follow. I not only survived, but I have lived for these almost 75 years.

When I was junior aged, while playing follow the leader with an older playmate, I fell into the millpond. I could not swim and quickly went under. My playmate and I were yelling at the top of our lungs. I went under the second time, came up, and desperately tried to reach the pipe crossing the pond; then started under for the third time. A maintenance worker heard out cries and came to the rescue. Just as I started down for the last time, the worker reached out with the handle of his sling blade and urged me to grab hold of it. I did. He pulled me to safety at the last minute. Was that a miracle? To that little junior girl it was! How glad she was to go home to Mama and be comforted by the hugs only a Mama can give.

The particular miracle the preacher’s wife was talking of concerned a blocked artery in my neck. The doctor had me all prepared for surgery to correct the condition, before a massive stroke hit me. I went into the hospital. The medical personnel made all the CT’s, MRIs, Sonagrams, necessary to ascertain just where the blockage was and how badly the artery was blocked. When the doctor came into my room to tell me the results, I just knew he was going to give me the date for the surgery. Instead, he told me that they could find no blockages at all and I was not going to need his services at all. I asked what happened to the blockage and he said, “We don’t know. We have no explanation for what happened.

I knew what happened. My friends were praying earnestly for me and God answered!

I really don’t mind being a walking miracle. That way God gets all the glory and after all, that was the purpose of my life from the beginning.

Audren Mullen