Precious Louise Hunt -- By Sharlett Hunt

Tonight I felt real care and concern from an animal. I will tell you the details as they progressed. It is all about a tiny little feline, whose given name is simply, Precious.

There is no way to show you with words, the way her tail is too fluffy, and she tosses it back and forth in the air, depending upon her mood.

I have wondered many times what life would be without her and I always grin and think, probably happy. I wouldn't be aggravated all the time with a cat. Of course a cat is not for everyone. I have only had one. I was always a dog person. If you've never known the true love of a little cat, you don't know what you are missing.

Not feeling too great about myself, this evening, I decided to go jogging. I live in a huge mobile home park. I am not sure of the acreage but that is not the story.

Precious lives in or outside. She is a hunter, being Hemingway breed and so beautiful. I have been with her since she was three weeks old. She is like her mom, she adapts.

I started walking and noticed a shadow behind me. It was extremely dark here in Central Florida next to a lake where I reside. I walk and she walks so close to ensure that her charge is okay. I turned around and acknowledged her and she just smiled. I am hers as she is mine.

The residents in this park all have little dogs who follow them. Precious Louise has always followed me without a leash. I run a few steps and get out of breath to see if she is still following me. Lo and behold she is there.

The beautiful thing I want you to see is the love that I feel for this little critter and the adoration she has for me. I suppose it is what psychiatrists would call a bond.

She has been my family since she was three weeks old. I had and still have a tiny parakeet which I call her sister, Sweetie. This little bird is a big-mouthed girl and she is learning how to whistle for Precious. She is funny when she attempts to whistle like me. All female household.

Sometimes I yearn for a tiny dog to make our family complete but Precious is more than a cat. It would take a lot for her to allow me to pet a little dog. I live in a Senior Community and she runs the dogs and cats out of her yard. She is opposed to other animals, but she has lived by herself for three years and I guess that's how they get.

I would never destroy the purpose she has. Her entire purpose is a protector and this she didn't learn. She and I used to go outside and pray and I am sure she knows what I said. She hears me pray every morning, that is all she knows. She sees her mama cry and knows how much I care for my fellows.

This just brought back a memory of the place I lived when Precious was a tiny kitten. I wouldn't leave her to go to church so we would have Mass under the pine trees in the back. Then we would play hide and seek. It still brings a smile to my face.

She walks with me. This shows me that she has faith in me. I run and look around, she is sitting there, wagging her marvelous tail. Still smiling that mysterious smile. 

Sharlett F. Hunt