The Story of Gates -- By Dawn Van der Vyver

The Rusty Iron Gate with no Light 

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a man who lived behind an iron gate with his three teenagers and wife. He was so very proud of his family and they loved him passionately. They had a comfortable home, which they shared with their pets. Inside there was a yard surrounded by gardens. A pool ensured many happy hours for the family and their friends. At the gate there was no light causing people to stumble.

Gate Necessity 

This caring father and husband made sure the gate was sturdy in order to keep his family safe. After thieves came and disturbed their peace he also put on a strong locks on the gate and on the garage door and the gate at the back room just everywhere. The gates he gave a cover of paint. The gates sagged a bit making opening and closing a bit difficult. The trick in opening and closing the gate, which the family knew, was shown also to close friends and some visitors. So his family was safe and their friends and visitors too.

Outside the Gate 

In the morning the gates were opened so that everybody could go about their business. The students studied diligently and the apprentice wholeheartedly applied himself in learning a trade. The mother taught children and the man taught teachers. They were all hard at work.

Inside the Gate 

At night the family members entered the gate again and was warmly greeted by their fellow family members. The fluffy dogs wagged their tails and the purring cats purred loudly testing the strength of their legs. The family members excitedly communicated their day's experiences - sound-boarding the good and bad. They enjoyed a warm cooked meal and started on their evening activities. The dogs were allowed to join the company and curled up in their favorite spots to contentedly nap. Everybody safely busied themselves. The future had to be prepared for. But with time the gate became tarnished and was hard to open and shut. Another coat of paint made it look better.

Leaving the Seclusion that the Gate Offered 

With time the teenagers left through the gate one by one to face life in the world at large. In the security of their protected home they became equipped to face the outside. The man eventually was taken through the gate one last time and only the mother was left to manage the household or what was left of it. The extended family and friends came to visit and felt again the warmth and security of their home. This is a story of a earthly home with its gate.

Bible Gates 

Gates also play a prominent role in the Bible. In Isa 60:11 when the Israelites were promised a rosy future 'your gates will always stand open ' was part of it. In Rev 21: 25 we read about a perfect place that on no day will the gates ever be shut. The beautiful ornamental gates made of a single pearl (no rusty iron here) will not tarnish and people want to enter through the gate. The open gates show the gleam of a city of gold that were shining like pure glass (Rev 21:21) A gentle, loving, wise and caring God that exceeds their wildest dream will be there too. We are all invited to go through those gates. The glory of God gives it light and the Lamb is its lamp. There are excited people inside who have many things to tell about their journey there. On no day will these gates be shut.

Dawn Van der Vyver