A Miracle-Working God -- By Carolyn Young

My son and I had gone to Michigan and were bringing my mom and her things back home to Alabama because she was going to live with us. He was driving a U Hall truck and my mom and I were following in my car. All went well until in Nashville, Tennessee the traffic was very heavy and he was in the wrong lane and was forced off the freeway. I could not follow him because I was in the center lane and had to go with the flow of traffic. This made the rest of the trip home a nightmare... I was filled with fear because of my son’s serious problems with diabetes. He was as worried about us as we were about him. He got back on the highway and thought he was ahead of us. He waited for us to catch up with him while we were further up the highway waiting for him.

We were never able to find each other and by the time I got home I was frantic. He was not here. I walked into the house and cried out in prayer, “Oh God where is my son“? Just then I looked down on the kitchen counter and there, as if in answer to my question, was a bag of cookies my husband had purchased while we were gone. It was a new brand of cookies that we had never had before nor since. The name on the package was, “Almost Home”. Was this God’s answer? I felt assurance and after about 30 minutes I heard his truck coming up the drive way. That was a tearful reunion. The miracles were just beginning.

The very next day after we got home my son lost his eyesight. Diabetes had made his eyes weak but now he was totally blind. That his blindness had not happened in route was a miracle in itself. Thoughts of what could have happened are absolutely staggering. To have been alone and unable to see in a strange city is not a pleasant thought.

His blindness lasted the entire nine months that my mother lived. He was never able to see her again. He had a lot of built up bitterness in his life because of his condition but in the darkness of his physical blindness his spiritual eyes were opened. He got right with God. He gave his life to the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. This was the most precious miracle of all but God was not finished yet.

When Mom died and I took her back to Michigan for the funeral another miracle took place. I got a call from home and heard these words from my son, “I walked with my cane down the hill to the mailbox and as I turned to come back I looked up and I could see the house. He could see! God was in control the whole time. We often wonder why things happen as they do but we know that God works in mysterious ways to show us His wonders. Had he not been blind he probably would have continued on in his bitterness and rebellion toward God.

How big is God? He is not only bigger than any problem; He is a loving, caring, keeping, wonderful miracle working God on whom we can depend. He has promised “I will never leave you nor forsake you“. Hebrews 13:5.

Christian love,

Carolyn Young