How Vast -- By Sally I. Kennedy

Each year my husband and I try to get out to the Rockies. We love the drier air, and those majestic mountains. In September the two peaks called Maroon Bells are magnificent. The aspen trees, which cover and coat the hillsides, turn quickly from a lush green to a golden yellow.

It looked like a giant head of broccoli gone to seed. My eyes were seeing it, while my mind was trying to figure how tall just one of those trees were.

It was impossible to get my mind around the huge gigantic numbers of trees it takes to make up that mountainside view. All I could think of, as I gazed on this incredible site last year, was: “how vast.” How vast!!

The verse came to my mind from the Bible, about how vast are the sum of God’s thoughts…..towards me. Some translations even say “concerning” me.

Wow. Something else I will never fathom. That’s OK, though, because God is God. And I’m not. I am ever-grateful and ever-thankful our heavenly Father, for the beauty He puts in our world, and for His thoughts towards His children.

“Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name.”

Sally Kennedy