Let’s suppose that the Bible isn’t true.

What do you suppose would happen to me and you?

I can decide what I want to do.

What’s true for me, may not be true for you.


Now, let’s say that there is no God.

Who’s to say what is normal, or odd?

If there’s no such thing as Adam and Eve,

Then what’s the problem with Adam and Steve?


Marriage is just a contract to sign.

And, living together, is perfectly fine.

And, if God’s Name isn’t, “I am who I am,”

Then, the D word is meaningless-it just rhymes with ham.


Abortion, infanticide, or killing a child,

Or shooting a lion who is running wild,

Shooting humans and animals is really the same.

It’s just killing an animal by another name.


If the Ten Commandments carry no weight,

Then, your disagreement, is speech filled with hate.

So, have sex with anyone, who wants you to;

Twelve years old or twenty-two.


And, let’s say grandma has an unhappy life.

Let’s say, you’ve got a miserable wife.

And, let’s say you don’t want to put up with strife.

Then, suicide solves problems.  It’s really quite cool.

And, to try and prevent it, is really quite cruel.


You complain, “This is terrible!  This is bad for our soul!”

Be consistent.  Physiology is in control.

If the Bible is false, then there is no soul.

Paducah, Columbine, Oklahoma, have each paid the toll.


Does it matter?  Shoot high school kids in the head.

We’re just speeding up nature.  We’ll all end up dead.

Beware, Muslim, Christian, Jew.

There’s a new world coming, and it doesn’t include you!


Religion’s the problem.  It’s all evolution.

And, getting rid of you, is a nice, neat solution.

Worship antichrist.  At his temple bow.

Though he’s only a man, you’re in trouble now!


If the Bible does have good news to tell,

Then, for those who refuse, there is a hell.

But, if the Bible is false, then things are not well.

Then, we still live in a manmade hell.

Yes, we live in a designer hell!


Chris Hansen