As she lay there quietly dying,

her body wasted and withered;
The glory she went out with when God said.......

"Come on up hither".

He came for her gladly........

for a long time she belonged to Him;
Going back to The Holy Vine,

one of His missing limbs.

No more suffering with sickness,

no more feeling hunger or pain;
The Father sent The Son..........

The Son stopped the rain.

She was definitely ready,

she worked for this all her life;
Turning her soul over to God,

through the Son, Jesus Christ.

A good Christian woman,

with a strong faith and stronger constitution;
She knew without a doubt that God was the answer.......

He was the only solution.

"Come my child with me,

come on up hither;

You no longer need that dying body,

that is all wasted and withered.


I will give you a new body and mind

that will last for all of eternity;
Because you faithfully followed

and truly believed in me.

Come my child,

leave all your cares and woes behind;
This is your Father speaking,

come join My Holy Vine". Amen


By: Pat Finn Aug. 29, 2007