There are Many Beauties in Heaven and Earth
Just as there are beautiful people giving birth
The beautiful trees that touches the heart
The clouds in Gods sky above, as they part.

When we look up to watch the Heavens above,
We think of people whom we know and love.
There is a life long journey that takes us through.
In our hearts God tells us what we shall do.

I know my Lord called me as a young girl.
I harkened to His calling one sunny day morn.
I looked to the sky and trees and all He adorned.
From the time I grew from when I was born.

Living life has been a blessing, from young to old.
That’s why I’d like this story to loved ones told.
It’s about love of family and friendship to my friend.
It’s about loving and growing and loving again.

It’d too about blessings and the wonder of it all.
It’s about our Savior Jesus and for us He calls.
He calls for our trust and love of His blessed Son.
Always to remember His Son is the one.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker