A Savior was born on a winter day,

Born of little Mary, to come our way.

God sent His Son, to save us from sin,

Even though, we sin, again and, again.

He will sit upon Heavens’ throne forever.

Satan cannot stop this King of Kings, never.

Jesus rules on the Heavenly throne,

To be sure, that He brings; His all home.

Jesus is our light; He is our salvation.

He will always be there in every situation.

This dear babe was born in a manger; fair,

The wise men saw a star, and went to be there.

Of all the thousands, He surpasses them all.

One day He is coming again, on us to call.

He wants us to love and obey His word,

Sweetest story, this world has ever heard.

For His name, we have a CHRISTmas day.

Little boys and girls look for toys to play.

He seeks all to glorify His name.

He loves all His children the same

Showing our love especially on this day,

It makes us humble that He takes sins away.

He loves all His children every day.

It is the reason He died on a cross- that way.

He is coming back soon, in a cloud.

I pray all are praising His name aloud.

Look for His coming, toward the eastern sky.

We hold His sacred love; watch for Him nigh.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker

Nov. 26, 2007