While Romans were raping little boys and burning Christians alive,

The loving Christians did not lose their drive.


They honestly cared about multitudes who were about to burn forever in hell.

They cared not that things were not going at all well!


But today, if someone hurts our feelings,

we'll have no more of church dealings!


If somebody steps on our toes, we'd rather not dance.

We fall in and out of love with Christ, like a school girl romance!


We whimper at the slightest mishap of circumstance.

Hey, if it's all about what Christ is supposed to do for me,

then he ought to stop wasting time and take me home to eternity.


If my life is always supposed to be going great,

then Jesus ought to take me home, embrace me, and then celebrate!


But, it's not about me! I'm on a mission!

He didn't ask my permission!


There's real hell to pay for sins of commission.

And a real heaven is affected by sins of omission.


I have no time for petty division.

I have no time for Biblical revision.


Christ's hope for the world is more important than little squabbles or derision.

God! We'll all die without your vision!


Chris Hansen


Author: "Revelation Revisited." Fast-paced trip through John's astounding visions of the end of the ages. "Secret of the Psalms." The entire life of Jesus from conception to his return to earth are predicted in the Psalms a thousand years or so in advance. "Grandfather's Journal." Very touching and sometimes humorous discoveries of a boy who loses his fear of death and who understands why churches do what they do, all because he reads about the impact that the real resurrection of Jesus had on his grandfather in his grandfather's journal, written just before the grandfather died. Bookstores and www.xlibris.com  and 1-888-795-4274