Each time I see a butterfly
Or a redbird in a tree,
They remind me of the Lord above
And nature's gifts He's given me.  
The beautiful lakes and mountains
The ocean's and the seas,
All gifts we take for granted,
To do with as we please.  
Just look around at this great big world
At the beauty God displays,
The Master Painter of the universe,
Always takes my breath away.  
The earth is His big canvas
As he paints the morning sun,
And when night time falls, He paints the moon,
When each new day is done.  
Thank you Lord for painting
Nature's beautiful sights for me,
Your paintings are a gift of love,
For the whole wide world to see.    
© 2008 by Vickie Lambdin
Poetry by Vickie Lambdin 
Treasured Thoughts
Vickie is a Heavenly Inspirations Author.
This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes