You know, the doorway to sweet Heaven is not so far away.
I Pray and talk to our Master about this every day.
He says we only need to love and believe in Him; always.
He shall come to receive us in the last of our worldly days.

He helps me to concentrate on the subject of His love.
When I think on Him; it’s as though I can see Him there above.
He awaits us there with fever; wants us to love Him true.
I know in His heart of truth He wishes us to be there too.

One day we shall see Him in the air; coming on a white cloud.
When I truly think on this, oh! It makes my heart so proud.
Who else could ever love us in this perfect, awesome way?
All will know He is real, when He comes in that bright day.

Some nights I listen to my heart murmur to His voice; His word.
I know it is the sweetest story my heart hath ever heard.
I look forward to His soon coming; I know I will go there too.
Get your heart right with Jesus and He will also take you.

How priceless is His sweet word, that if we could not hear?
Our soul would be so deadened; our heart could not bear.
So let us get right with Jesus, then, all the rest will fall in place.
At some time we shall be there to behold His sweet face.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker

June 12, 2008

Dedicated to all who love Jesus