A moment a Christian is born again in God’s kingdom,

His growth process begins, but his life is seldom free from pulls of flesh, world and devil’s fiefdom

There is a constant battle with these three formidable foes

And to resist them successfully he has to be on his toes

There is Divine joy in his heart too as his power

As he makes progress in his spiritual life scaling many a “spiritual tower”

The indwelling Holy Spirit who is such a great comforter

Is also now his constant guide and life’s navigator

The Christian on his part, needs to be willing

To exercise discipline in the matters of daily prayer, Bible reading,

Church fellowship and witnessing He cannot afford to compromise on this “big four”

For they are time-tested tools of spiritual growth from ages of yore

Prayer is not only about placing your requests and that of others before the Creator,

Rather it primarily ought to be a time of sweet fellowship with your NOW Redeemer

Bible reading will make you realize what a great God you serve

Besides making you learn lessons from the lives of Biblical heroes- their success and even failure

Church fellowship would strengthen your faith and sense of belonging in God’s family

As you mingle with those who have the same heart of charity

Witnessing for Christ ought to be done with the purpose of making others acquainted with your heavenly joy

During this, with Christ’s power be prepared to confront many a satanic ploy

So dear Christian Brother and Sister, even as you are being transformed into Christ’s image

Be willing to take in your stride some inevitable damage

To your health or wealth, always trusting the One who is alive from Eternity

For He would never allow any difficulty to cross your temptation-bearing capacity

As He leads from glory to glory, co-operate with your trainer the Holy Spirit,

Remember, you cannot make it at all on the strength of your own merit

A day may come soon when you are ushered into the imperishable Holy Land

You would be a masterpiece by then crafted by His own Hand

Suresh Manoharan