My friend, I heard you pray.

I listened carefully to what you had to say.

You thanked me for all the beauty all around.

You thanked me that your loved ones were all safe and sound.


You thanked me for your job and all the money you had.

You thanked me for sparing you from all that might have been so very bad.

And, I must say, for all of this, I am so very glad.

But, you know, you left out something-and I am so very sad!


You thanked me, profusely, but, you forgot someone!

You forgot to thank me for the death of my Holy Son!

Had he not died for you,

your eternity would have been undone.


Flowers, and beauty, and kindness, here on earth,

are no good without your second birth.

Had you ended up in hell,

would all of that have been of any worth?


From Hell you would have given your whole world away,

for yet one more chance to repent and pray!

Now then, my lost one,

have you anything else you'd like to say?

Chris Hansen

Author: "Revelation Revisited." Very vivid visions of the end of days. "Secret of the Psalms." The entire life of Jesus was predicted centuries ahead. "Grandfather's Journal." A troubled boy discovers that he can really live forever and that Jesus is crazy about him.