In Bethlehem, one early morn,

The Son of God (a King) was born

As He lay smiling; fast asleep

Among the flocks of goats and sheep.

Now, the brightest star, in Bethlehem,

Was shining on God's little lamb.

The wise men came from far away,

Falling down to worship Him and pray.

They'd brought Him gifts of gold and frankincense

Because they knew what His birth meant.

They knew that God had sent His Son

To be a Savior for everyone.

Now, the Heaven's opened and the angels sang,

"Halleluiah," to the newborn King;

God's little lamb, for the world to see,

The healing gift of Salvation for you and me.

Now, let's remember what this day is for,

To celebrate the birth of our sweet Lord.

And let's remember God's greatest sacrifice,

Giving up His Son for our eternal life.

~ * ~

John 3:16 For God so loved the world,

That He gave His only begotten son,

that whosever believed upon Him

would not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

© 2009 by Vickie Lambdin


Poetry by Vickie Lambdin Treasured Thoughts Vickie is a Heavenly Inspirations author. This poem may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.