It started out gracefully with a pretty
Backdrop of a bright azure sky with
Billowy white clouds floating around,
Then the Tiger swallowtails floated by on
Gossamer wings. A dragonfly zipped by
Glittering brightly in the brilliant sunshine.
Mourning Doves began cooing and were
Soon joined by buzzing bees and humming cicadas
They gave such a beautiful charm to the afternoon

Then the main performers zoomed onto the stage.
In perfect harmony one, two, NO… three hummingbirds
Danced with such beauty and precision. Up, down,
Back and forth, then stopped! Just for a second they hung
Midair, then were off again, dancing across the sky,
First up high, then down low, in the open and through
The trees they danced. Then each seemed to take a
Bow before zipping away, leaving just the orchestra
Of bird and bee song in their wake.
Thank you Dear Father for a delightful performance
On a perfect summer afternoon.

Felicia Jacobson