I think of you saviour
With arms unfurled
Nails driven deep
In hands holding the world.

I think of you saviour
A spear in your side
Wounded for our transgressions
Your life ebbing as the tide.

Fingers curled in pain
Tears of blood on the ground
Light of the world snuffed out
with hardly a sound.

I think of you Saviour
Scars borne for me
A life exchanged for life
Captive to set me free.

I think of you saviour
Embracing us on that cross
Your arms outstretched
To draw close to you the lost.

As we couldn’t save ourselves
You took it on yourself
Never let me forget saviour
The cup of sacrifice.

I think of you Lord Jesus
Seated at God’s right hand
The grave cloth torn in two
The victory obtained.

I think of you Lord Jesus
what your pain achieved for me
to worship you forever
to fall down on bended knee.

Only to have you lift my chin, and
Put your scarred hands in mine
Embrace me with your arms of grace
Enfold me in eternal life.

Lisa de Jong