Twas on a dark night so long ago,
The heavens were lighted with a bright glow.
The earth was blessed beyond compare,
The Saviour of all had come to dwell there.

In a stable so dark and bleak,
The Commander of Heaven had gone to sleep.
On the straw of a manger He laid His head,
What a precious gift lay upon that bed.

The Shepherds were longing to hear the good news,
That their Saviour was born, The King of the Jews.
When the plains were all lit like the glow of the sun,
They were sore afraid and got ready to run.

But, the angel’s sweet voices sang of Peace on the Earth,
And told the shepherds of their Saviour’s miraculous birth.
So they hurried off to the stable where He lay,
Telling the good news all along the way.

When at the stable they fell to their knee,
To worship their King for all to see.
They told of the wonders that had happened to them,
And about the Christ Child born in Bethlehem.

There is coming soon another great day,
Another visit to this earth the Saviour will pay.
To take all His children who have waited for Him,
Back to heaven to be in that glorious Kingdom

Surrender your heart, you will never be sorry,
Before it’s too late to see Christ in His glory.
Tell all your loved ones and friends to come in,
And share all the blessings of the restored Eden.

By Norma Wellman