God is often found in a book
But is not the source of Him
Sometimes the words are insufficient
And we are only left wanting…

Sometimes God is found in a storm
And sometimes in a brilliant blue sky
But often when we look, He’s not what we seek
And we turn and pass him by…

God is often in tears, when we expect him in joy
He doesn’t leave when we grieve,
Like a guest at the door…

He is in the pain and by trying to smile
Its Him we ignore.

He is there in our experience, perhaps not what we want,
But what we need,
And when our heart hurts,
Its deeper in He leads…

God is in a stone, as much as in a flower.
He is depth, as much as He is height.
We do not fail by limping or losing,
No, we gain a blessing in the night.

The value of pain doesn’t make joy less,
No joy is the crown and the prize
But joy is empty without the knowledge of what it cost,
Without pain to measure it by.

By: Lisa de Jong