Love's the Reason that He Came

So gently, Lord, You came to earth
And graced us with Your Holy birth.
You left Your home in heaven above,
To teach us of the Father's love.

You lived among us meek and mild.
Your life was pure and undefiled.
You taught us how to love each other,
Father, Mother, Sister, Brother.

You showed us how to live our life,
To be set free from stress and strife.
We sought for riches and for fame,
But love's the reason that You came.

By love's design, Your hands were tied,
And on a cruel cross You died.
You blood ran down upon the tree,
As from our sins You set us free.

You saved us all from death's dark door,
And filled our life with hope once more.
You sought not riches, not for fame,
For love's the reason that You came.

But there are some who've never heard,
The message from Your precious Word.
They do not know Your life You gave,
The way to heave from them to pave.

Open hearts, Dear Lord, I plead,
So all Your children may be freed
From all the storms and stress and strife
And from the sin that stains their life.

Release their hearts from unbelief.
Quench their doubts and bring relief.
Help them to claim the wondrous love
That You brought down from heaven above.

You loved us one. You loved us all,
For each of us, You took the fall.
We give You thanks, we praise Your name,
That love's the reason that You came.

by Donna J. Howard