Why is winter special? I asked myself today.
There really isn't very much to make it bright and gay.
But then I took another look, and much to my surprise,
A fairy tale of secrets was revealed before my eyes.

The pine trees wear a white fur cap
and an elegant matching coat.
The snowflakes shine like little white stars
as through the sky they float.

The wash tub that I used to use,
in the summer time for flowers,
now looks like an ancient castle,
with sharply pointed towers.

The snow that sticks to the seat and chains
of the children's empty swings,
now look for all the world to me
like an angel's flapping wings.

The wind is fresh and playful
as it kisses my cheek with glee.
It teases and almost threatens
to tear my hat from me.

But I just laugh and hold on tight,
For it's not misbehaving.
A little smile and nod from me,
is all that it is craving.

Oh, how could I have missed these things?
This question now I ponder.
I never took the time before
to see thing while I wander.

But one thing's not a secret;
I know without a doubt,
T''was Christ the Lord who gave these things;
His praise I'll sing and shout!

Donna J. Howard