In enhancing contacts, Social media has given people especially the young the boost
The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Linked in now rule the roost
You can have contacts far and wide
Oh the Earth has shrunk thanks to technology, we say with pride

But do you go know before modern technology made its advent
The Creator brought the right resource in connection with His many a Servant
Remember the Earth is made of Sky, Sea and Sod
In all the three spheres’ we see the working of “a Divine I-Pod”.

Let’s rewind and go to the Elijah and Ravens’ story,
We see the amazing “Sky connection” at work, all for God’s glory
Then what about Jonah and Big Fish of the sea
Contact by Providence is there for all to see

When Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den
The predators became like sheep in a pen
They became friends with the Lord’s prophet
The term “Friend of Lions” has since become an epithet

Ethiopian Eunuch reading Isaiah 53 (in Acts 8) never knew Phillip before
But on the Lord’s leading there was this Apostle at hand to explain the Scriptures of yore
As Phillip expounded the Scripture, the High Official was by God’s love mesmerized
And before long he accepted the Lord and was baptized

Now let’s go visiting the City of Damascus in the Book of Acts Chapter nine
We see an another instance of network established between total strangers, which is oh-so-fine
We observe there Blind Paul in a sorry plight
And yonder there comes Ananias on Lord’s instructions to restore Paul’s sight

Friend is your face there in God’s Facebook
If it is there the Cosmic crook can do no harm to you by hook or by crook
At your disposal, ready to help, there will be many a contact
Believe me my friends, that is a solemn fact

Suresh Manoharan