There are wonderful incidents in God's Word
Of the needy, whose eyes were opened by the Lord,
There they were in trouble fearing the worst,
But the Lord had in His heart for them the best.

There was Ishmael laying dying of thirst (
Gen 21:1-16), not far away from his mother,
Hagar his mother, could not in the dry desert find any trace of water
But the Bible says help was at hand, the Lord opened her eyes
To see a well not seen hitherto (
Gen 21:17-21), which provided the needed succor besides drying up the mother’s tears.

Servant of Elisha thought it was all over for him and his master,
When he saw the enemy chariots with deadly intent surrounding their meager shelter (
2 Kings 6:8-15),
Till the Lord on Prophet’s prayer opened the eyes of that young assistant,
So that he could behold (
2 Kings 6:16-17) far more powerful, protective Divine army in an instant.

The minds’ of two sorrow-stricken followers of Jesus on the road to Emmaus were in anarchy,
On Jesus’ crucifixion, their hopes were dashed of Israel’s redemption from Roman tyranny,
Their came the Saviour walking beside them, opening their eyes to truth of the Scripture
That Messiah before his elevation to glory (
Luke 24:13-27) should suffer.

These two did not recognize the Saviour,
But out of love and compassion, they invited Him nevertheless home for supper,
As the Master broke the bread (
Luke 24:28-32), they eyes were opened that night,
They recognized the Master, as God opened their spiritual sight.

On the subject of opening of the spiritual vision,
Let’s join the Psalmist in his prayer (
Ps 119:18-NIV) of passion,
“Lord open my eyes that I may see marvelous things in your Law”
Take my word, if you have made this prayer, your heart even if icy cold (spiritually) would surely thaw.

An Unprofitable Servant,
Suresh Manoharan

J and SM Ministries