Do we just call upon the Lord when we're distressed,

When our lives are upside down and in a mess?

Maybe that's why our prayers fall on deaf ears,

Because our cries of help are all He ever hears.

Do you ever look toward heaven, then just pause

To praise God and to thank Him; just because?

He wants all of us to talk to Him each day,

And not just at bedtime, or on the Sabbath when we pray.

Our Father knows our needs before we ask.

He's all knowing and can help us face each task.

There's nothing on this earth that He can't do,

If we'll just put our trust in Him to see us through.

The Lord wants us to sit and chat a spell;

Not just when things are wrong, but when they're going well.

 He wants to spend quality time with us, you know,

Just because He is our Father and He really loves us so.

© 2010 by Vickie Lambdin


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