I have a precious place to go

When things get to be too much.

I sit on the bridge that overlooks

Beautiful scenery, and rest.


I whisper prayers and at times I sing,

Waiting for His loving touch.

I seek His peace and His will for my life,

Just wanting to be enough.


I sit and listen to the birds

Singing praises as they fly by.

Many times I feel so overwhelmed

That I just have to cry.


Trees surround the flowing water

Making it seem surreal

His love is always with me,

And His ways are oh, so gentle.


After spending time in my secret place

I am ready to go back home

I feel so much better after spending

Time with my Lord. Alone.


Being with Him just gives me peace,

And I no longer feel low.

I smile as I leave my precious place,


@Sharon Niese