Jesus might say, "I give you this solemn warning!

Don't tell me how you behaved on a Sunday morning!


I'd rather hear about how you behaved on a Monday afternoon.

Now that's worship of a different tune.


How did you treat folk when no church folk were around?

That's worship of a different sound.


That's where your true worship is truly found.

Are you truly Heaven bound?


Did you confess me when it was tough?

Or did you say, "I give! I've had enough!"


When it would be easier to hide, are you brave?

That is the one I will truly save!

That is the one who will conquer even the grave.


To rescue others from hell,

would you endure a prison cell?

 That's the one who does well.


Am I merely a means to how happy you can be?

Or, are you truly concerned about how others will spend eternity?

Now, that is the key.

How you treat others is exactly how you treat me!


If how you treated others is how I will treat you,

then how well would things really go for you?"


Chris Hansen