Can we capture the love of God
As a smile is caught on camera?

Can we capture the light of God
As a moth is confined in a jam jar?

Can we capture the flood of his great mercy,
Or rein in the fullness of his grace?

No more than we can draw boundary lines around an ocean
Or stop a river in full pace.

As healing water he rushes over us
Only to then run out through our hands.

As the last sun’s rays on a summer’s day
His warmth is too fleeting to contain.

But his mercies are new every morning
His boundless love it knows no end;

He who is thirsty will be satisfied
He who is hungry need not hunger again.

What can be held can be measured,
Its height and circumference known.

God is love but he is mystery
A power that we cannot fully comprehend.

We long for him and he comes
‘As surely as the coming of dawn or the rain of early spring’;
But our human hearts are too imperfect to hold him
Our feelings too human to discern the divine.

Can we capture the love of God?
Can we contain him in all his might?

No, but he has promised to bind us to him,
Betrothed with chains of righteousness held tight.

Can we capture the light of God?
Can we bask forever under his warm rays?

No, but weeping may go on for a night
And joy is as sure as the coming of the new day.

We cannot hold him; but still close to him we are held.
We cannot love him as he deserves, but it was he who loved us first.
We cannot chain him in, but in chains of love we are bound.
We cannot bind the infinite God, but it is us that He surrounds.

Lisa de Jong