They screamed for His’ blood, yelling.........He’s guilty, let Him die;

Nail Him to that cross, let Him be crucified.

Who does He think He is, claiming to be God’s Son?

Carry out His sentence, hurry, let the job be done.

A pauper, pretending to be a prince, saying His’ Father is "The King";

Well Son of God, come down, for God’s Son can do anything.

Just as we thought, the crowd shouted, you’re nothing but a fake;

Claiming You were sent by God, for all mankind’s sake.

You really want us to believe You, when You can’t even save Yourself?

We’ll see You buried in Your tomb, to rot there on the shelf.

Somebody break the legs, for Sabbath day is nigh;

No one can remain on the cross, make sure all three have died.

They broke the legs of two, to make their time draw near;

When they saw Jesus dead, they pierced His’ side with a spear.

Blood and water flowed, it bore record of what had been spoken;

"Look on Him who is pierced", and "none of His’ bones shall be broken".

The tomb could not hold Him, our Savior rose on high;

Leaving many to wonder, and many to ask..........why?

Are you sure you are ready, are you saved or just deceived?

Narrow is the "Gate" that opens, for those who truly believe.

By Pat Finn