It was there on Calvary that Jesus died for me.
He surely hung upon an old cross, there on a tree.
He did nothing to deserve this awful feat,
However, He wanted to give us a place at Jesus’ feet.

I know I will see and be with Him one day there,
Then I can go to Him in Heaven with thankful Prayer.
He is the fairest of more than ten thousand, I would say.
He is our helper and our loving Savior every single day.

It was there at Calvary that He saved us from sin.
Were it necessary He would do it all over for us again.
He is my Redeemer, Savior of my own soul today.
One day He will come for me to go home, to let me ever stay.

He is the Son God gave us, to save our soul from death.
He has loved every one of us; He gave unto us breath.
God bless His sweet and holy name, now and evermore.
There, we shall be with Him, on that peaceful sweet shore.

We praise His forgiveness, all in His Holy name
He will give all that love Him, sweet life the same.
He is our stance for tomorrow, our glory for today.
If you do not know Him, just call on His name today.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker