Will I have a good new year?


Is there any way to tell?


Consider the following:


If I can help save someone from an eternity in hell,


If my faith in Jesus is on display and not merely an empty shell,


If I can speak loudly about my faith, and not even have to yell,


If my faith is precious and not merely something I'm trying to push or sell,


If heaven is so real to me that others I beg, cajole, or even compel,


If Jesus is so real to me that others wonder if I am under his magic spell,


If my plans to defeat the evil one have finally begun to gel,


If the love of Jesus is as pervasive as the DNA code is in each and every cell,


If the way to heaven's joys can be heard in my life like a Christmas bell,


If I can offer healing and forgiveness to yet another soul that fell,


If I can remind Satan of his future eternal sulfur smell,


Then it will be another good new year, and it will have gone quite well!



Chris Hansen