(inspired by 1. Cor:13)


Without love, the words I speak,

Though school’d in letters, will be weak:

And though I say them loud and long,

Without love, I’m but a noisy gong.


Without love, the goods I share,

Are nothing worth, though costing dear:

My gift of life would pointless be,

Without the love that sets us free.


Without love, in chains I’m bound,

No mingled hope and faith abound:

I nothing am, my deeds unblessed

Motivated by self-centredness.


For love is patient, love is kind,

Love to envy has no mind:

Love is modest, love is chaste,

Love is always in good taste.


Love the evil thing eschews,

Love in truth, finds all its views:

Love is strong in its belief

Love, of all things, is the chief.


He who is Love, bids us forgive,

Seventy times seven: let others live:

He who is Love, shows us the way

To conquer self from day to day.


Yes, God in love, sent us His Son,

Christ, in His Love, our vict’ry won:

So may we all unselfish be

Through Him: He loves eternally.



Caroline Fairbarn