Chaos! -- By Lyn Chaffart

A tribute to Thanksgiving, In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving, Oct. 8, 2001 . . .


In light of recent world events, is it not appropriate to stop for a moment and in praise and thanksgiving to contemplate just what kind of an AWESOME God we serve???


Nearly tripping over two weeks' worth of dirty laundry strewn all over the entryway, I paused just long enough to call out:  "I'll be up to put the water in your fish tank as soon as I get the door!" Then, anxious to relieve the impatient caller of her "need" to ring the doorbell a third time, I threw the door open.  "May -- I help you?" I stumbled, still trying to catch my breath.


A pretty young lady stood just outside.  She was dressed in a navy blue tailored suit, and she carried a leather attaché case in one hand and a clip board in another.  But as I watched, her pasty smile changed to a look of sheer horror.  Shocked, I turned, following her gaze, and what I saw nearly took my breath away.  As if for the first time, I saw the piles of dirty laundry, the overturned laundry baskets, the contents of the coat closet strewn out over the deacon's bench, the pile of worn-out winter boots lying atop the out-grown snowsuits . . . Through the doorway into the kitchen, my largest pot was bubbling over the stove, a week's worth of house trash was piled up on the kitchen floor, and the sink was overflowing with plastic containers that might have once contained leftovers, but now would have been better suited for my son's science experiments . . . Noises now began to register in my mind: The washer knocking in a desperate attempt to balance its load, the bell signaling that the bread machine had completed its cycle, and of course, my son, still calling from upstairs for me to put water into his fish tank . . ..  Just for that briefest of moments, I am sure God gave me the ability to see my home as that total stranger did:  In a state of total and complete CHAOS!   


"Sorry for the mess . . ." I started to say.  But my attempt at an explanation was interrupted:  "Uh -- maybe this isn't the best time!" stumbled the lady, who couldn't contain her dismay and frustration.  "I -- I'll call again when you aren't right in the middle of doing -- uh -- well -- EVERYTHING!"  Then she turned and hurried down the steps, nearly tripping over my front flowerbed in her rush to get off my property. 


Bewildered, I turned back to my mess.  Yes, it did look chaotic.  But was it, really?  Up until that moment, I hadn't even thought of it as disorder.  It was simply the product of a very organized morning of routine cleaning!  Everything was progressing according to plan, including the little 8 year old voice that continued to persist that I should come and put water in his fish tank!  A half-smile donned my lips as I started up the stairs.  Chaos?  I should say not!  The mess was but a vital part of the cleaning process!  I had everything perfectly under control, and everything was progressing just according to my plan!


In these uncertain times, when the world seems to be falling apart at the seams, how many times have you heard said, or even said yourself, "This world is going CRAZY!"  You see nothing but reports of war on TV, you live in fear that your area will be the next targeted, disease and famine are rampaging, and where terrorists are not bringing about their threats of death, natural calamities are doing a pretty fair job on their own!  Chaos?  It certainly looks that way! 


But are we not doing exactly what the lady on my doorstep did?  Simply looking at the mess, without giving thought that perhaps there just might be a master plan behind it all? 


Imagine yourself, just for a moment, standing beside old Noah on the ark.  Flood waters are spouting out of the torn up earth, death abounds, everything that once seemed familiar is now breaking up -- fast!  Chaos?  That's what most would call it!  Yet the cleansing process that accompanied the flood were all part of God's well-laid plans for a better planet Earth!  What would have appeared to be chaotic to you or I was but the middle of a well-made plan of the Master! 


Yes, just like I was in total control of my cleaning, in spite of what onlookers might have said, as we sit now in the middle of such chaotic times, I praise God that He has everything in His control!  I don't need to worry.  All I need to do is submit to Him, ever believing in faith that: "He has made everything beautiful in its time" (Eccl 3:11)!


Lord, as we approach a season of Thanksgiving, I want to thank you that You are on top of everything!  Thank you for the promise that all this "chaos" is but the middle of your "spring cleaning", and that you have everything perfectly organized!  Lord I submit my life to you anew today, in praise, adoration, and thanksgiving, for YOU are in CONTROL!

In His love,

Lyn Chaffart, Moderator, The Nugget, Scriptural Nuggets ( ), Answers2Prayer Ministries,