Death -- By Jeane Brewer

In solemn warning, God announced to Adam the conditions of the covenant. Obedience would bring continued life and blessing, disobedience would bring both physical and spiritual death. Here man

made the fateful decision in Satan's favor, and death took immediate effect. The death was two-fold:

1.--Physical Death: the dissolution of the physical body. Now denied of the tree of life which was ordained to be the means of sustaining the body in imperishable and undecaying preservation. So you see now man is subject to exhaustion, decay and the wasting of disease then finally death and commitment back to the dust. When a branch is severed from the trunk of a tree, it may appear to have life for some time, but death set in moment it was separated from the trunk.

2.-- Spiritual death : "in the day that eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." Genesis 2:17.

The very day that Adam partook of the forbidden fruit in disobedience to Gods gracious covenant, he became spiritually dead. Spiritual death is the separation of the soul from God, the Fountainhead, the source of spiritual life. God withdrew from the soul of Adam, and, spiritually-speaking, life ceased. The seed of Adam, born in his likeness, are said to be born in sin, born spiritually dead. Spiritual death carries even far more dreadful penalty, it is Eternal Death. This is an eternal state of separation from the light and life and the love of God. God loves

those who is separated from him in their ruin and shame, but he hates sin, which is the cause of the separation. Taking upon himself the sins of the world by drinking the bitter cup of physical and spiritual death. Glory to his holy name.

Jeane Brewer